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  1. What is headset amplifier and why do i need one?

    The majority of telephone today do not have suitable amplification for a headset. an amplifier is the electronic box that gives universal compatibilty to use a headset with those telephone systems. when calling to order a new headset, please let us know the brand and model of telephone that you are using to ensure compatibility.

  2. Is a headset easy to install?

    Yes, headsets install in minutes. Just follow the easy instructions that come with your headset. Or call Diamondheadset on (03) 9438 6241 for assistance.

  3. What is the difference between an on-the-ear and over-the-head headset?

    The on-the-ear headset is one that rests uoon the ear. The over-the-head headset is one that uses a headband for stabilization. The over-the-head comes in either a monaural headset (single-ear) or the binaural headset (tow-ear).

  4. Is the microphone position of my headset important?

    Yes, proper positioning of the microphone is necessary for optimum sound and noise-cancelling qualities. All headset microphone booms should be adjusted to approximately one finger width away from your lower lip.

  5. Can I still use my handset if I have a headset?

    Yes, you can use both your headset and handset but not simultaneously. Headset amplifiers have a toggle switch on them which allows you to switch between headset and handset use.

  6. How do I care for my headset?

    Treat your headset like you would treat your stereo and computer at home. Headsets can't take a lot abuse. Always unplug your headset by the quick disconnect plugs and do not pull on the cords. Clean your headsets with non-alcohol wipes or a soft slightly damp cloth. Never use alcohol. Plastic parts dry out or fray when exposed to alcohol based products. Use your storage pouches when storing headsets. Cords can easily become damaged if caught in desk drawers. Call Diamond Headsets for pricing on cleaning towelettes designed for your headsets and PC.

  7. Why is my headset beeping?

    Headset Amplifiers have a built in audible warning for low battery power. When you first hear this sound, it is time to replace the batteries or you can purchase an AC/DC power supply.

  8. What is the difference between a voice-tube (omni-directional) microphone and a noise-canceling microphone?

    A omni-directional or voice-tube microphone transmit all sounds heard within a given work area. It operates much like a normal handset on your desk phone. If there is ambient or background noise around you, then that noise is transmitted over the telephone. In contrast, the noise-canceling headset eliminates up to 99% of background noise. It is recommended that if you work in a call center environment or share common work space, then using a noise-canceling headset will increase the clarity between the caller and yourself.

  9. Can I use a cordless or wireless headset on my multi-line telephone?

    Yes, Several cordless and wireless headsets are designed for mulit-line telephone systems. However, remote answering of calls requires the optional hookswitch/cradle lifters or it is dependent upon your telephone system.

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